Sharing our libraries, sharing our knowledge…

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I used to own four floor-to-ceiling bookcases full of books.

Now I don’t.

Now I keep about 20 volumes inside our home, most of which are reference books, that I dip into over and over.

The rest are gone, and I don’t miss them. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are gone, and the time dusting them is gone too!

Our Lilliput Library, by our front gate, has made sharing away our books so much easier.

I put books I’m done with into the library. Passers-by are free to take them, for good or on loan.

They also add books of their own to what has now become a community collection, read and enjoyed by many.

Lilliput library

Share our libraries. Share our knowledge.

Anyone can have a Lilliput Library at their gate. You can build one yourself or, like us, obtain one from a community that builds them locally from donated materials.

Books are meant to be read and enjoyed, not hoarded on a shelf.

Share your library, share your knowledge.

Be free of the burden of ownership, and take one small step towards making our world a community again.


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