Throw away your yoga mat!

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The media shouts at us:

Begin a yoga practice.
Start running.
Learn to meditate.
Learn a new language.
Learn a musical instrument.

The list goes on and on, voices telling us to add feature after feature to ourselves, like we’re some new tech toy for a bored teenager to buy.

But have you ever noticed that all of these things take our time?

They’re all work.

A regular yoga practice requires dedication, time and effort.
Running is hard work, and it hurts.
Meditation is difficult, and drains our time.
Learning a language to proficiency takes years of lessons and is often expensive.
Learning a musical instrument requires daily practice.

No wonder we’re all so tired.
No wonder we’re all so stressed.
No wonder we’re such easy pickings for the voices that tell us we need yoga, running, meditation, a new language, and a new instrument to be happy!

We work, we manage a home, we have a family and relationships and friends to care for and be with… and then we feel expected by someone somewhere to become more enriched individuals than our parents or grandparents ever were by taking on all these fashionable personal growth activities.

The one thing forgotten in all this mess is time simply to be.

Aren’t we personally grown enough yet?

So I’m saying – the minimalists are saying, don’t start something new.

Instead, get rid of all the old things cluttering up your life.

Not just stuff, but those practices that are exhausting you, filling your hours, sapping your energy. Get rid of everything that makes you feel like you’re inadequate.

You’re not.

Ignore the trendy personal growth activities we’re supposed to do, according to some expert, somewhere.

Throw away your yoga mat.
Give away the running shoes.
Stop meditating. The language you know is enough already.
Don’t learn an instrument. Instead, laugh into the wind and be thankful for who and what you already are.

And know that you are enough.

Throw away your yoga may

Throw away your yoga mat. You are enough, just as you are.


5 thoughts on “Throw away your yoga mat!

  1. Yes! Preach! I’ve been thinking of getting rid of my yoga mat not only because I don’t regularly do yoga, but because even when I do, I find that I don’t need a mat to do it. But I like your broader point as well – we buy these things to try and become this ideal version of ourselves (my ideal version wakes up at 6am to run/do yoga/be flawless) but if we aren’t actually being that person, we don’t need all the stuff. It’s hard, though, to let go of those items because it requires admitting that we aren’t our dream self, we’re just who we are now. But, as you said, that’s enough! ❀

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    • It’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it!

      This post was elicited by a conversation with a friend at work who couldn’t figure out why she was so exhausted. She’d recently begun a vegan diet (difficult in rural New Zealand, at the best of times), was learning a language, learning an instrument, doing yoga, managing a horse, managing a new job, running and preparing for a marathon, and meditating.

      She was doing everything we’re told to do – and it was exhausting her! I suggested that she just stop and rest, and be kind to herself first.

      Her response? “I really feel like eating some cheese!” And she did!

      There’s so much pressure on us to be perfect. But nobody is perfect. I think it’s time we all realized that, if we’re good people who love and care for others and are honest and diligent in what we do, then we’re enough.

      And enough can be wonderful πŸ™‚


    • YES!! I have struggled with this recently. There are things I’m doing for FUN, because I love them, like some acting classes. However, I recently had to make a choice about a few other things I’d taken on simply because there wasn’t the time and it was stressing me out.


      • I think there’s a lot of pressure on us to do so much – especially women! Sometimes we’re so busy doing it all we forget that it’s important to relax and have fun too, as you say πŸ™‚

        Do what makes you happy. If it isn’t making you happy, we really have to question what we’re doing and why! πŸ™‚


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