Time to have “The Talk” about Christmas

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Christmas gifts from relatives and friends are always awkward.

Will they spend too much? Too little? Am I a cheapskate?

Are they going to buy something horrible and tasteless I have to pretend I like?

Am I going to get yet another pair of Homer Simpson socks?

Homer Simpson socks

Homer Simpson socks…do you REALLY need another pair?

It’s time to have The Talk.

Years ago, my brother and I agreed to stop buying each other Christmas gifts. It was a great decision that has made my Christmas better every year since.

We’ve both saved a lot of money and a lot of stress of having to work out what the other wants and likes.

Now, as adults who have pretty much everything we need, The Talk has saved us buying useless stuff that neither of us needs.

Over time, I’ve had The Talk with friends and other family members. I receive few gifts at Christmas, and it makes me much happier. I don’t feel indebted to anyone, and I don’t receive stuff I don’t want or need.

Likewise, we’ve encouraged our children to not buy each other gifts at Christmas and birthdays.

It has been a breath of fresh air in our lives.

Christmas should be about family getting together and sharing good times. If you’re religious, it’s about Church and Christ.

It should never be about guilt, consumerism and stress.

Chances are that some of your loved ones would love to have a No Gifts policy with you, they’re just not ready to take the first step. They’re afraid of what you might think. They’re afraid you might think they’re a cheapskate.

So be brave. Make your lives better. Quit the craziness. Find some peace this holidays.

Isn’t is time for you to have The Talk with people you love this Christmas?

Isn't it time you had The Talk?

Isn’t it time you had The Talk?


3 thoughts on “Time to have “The Talk” about Christmas

  1. This is the exact inner struggle I’m going through right now! The older I get, the more I cherish simply just seeing all of my family together in the same place at the same time – I don’t need more toiletries. I suggested this idea to my sister and she is more than happy (we are both students, so it makes sense!), but I feel that other people may not be so welcoming of the idea – I guess it’s more of a process than anything. I needed this post, so thank you for helping me feel like less of a cheapskate, and just someone that realises they don’t need more “stuff”!


    • Hi 🙂 I Think a lot of us are in the same boat. We reach a point in our lives when we have everything we need. We don’t need anything else. So why put our friends and loved ones through stress and financial pressure buying us items we have no use for?

      Saying no to all this makes so much sense. I’d much rather spend time with the people I care about than receive gifts from them!


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