Declutter, simplify, face reality…

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So often we keep items that no longer have relevance to who we are now.

We keep the guitar from those few lessons we tried, even though we know in our hearts we’ll never be a guitarist and we never really liked playing anyway.

We keep old, moth eaten stuffed toys from our childhood, even though we’ve grown up and become adults.

We keep items from a crafting project that failed, with the excuse that we might pick it up again, even though we know that we won’t.

We keep cheap souvenirs from a holiday that we’ve long since forgotten.

We keep clothes that don’t fit and are out of date, cosmetics that never worked for us, old computers and smartphones that barely work any more and that have long since been replaced.

These might have beens and once weres drag us down, holding us back from where we are now.

They stop us from seeing ourselves as we are, and prevent us from moving forward with our lives.

Become the person you are meant to be

Life is not static. None of us are the same person we were ten years ago, or even last week.

We all grow and change, and our interests and tastes grow and change too.

Accepting that life is change is necessary to achieve our full potential.

When we declutter, we demonstrate a willingness to leave the past behind, and to accept reality as it is, as we are now.

Declutter, simplify…and face reality. Don’t live in the past.

Decluttering: A willlingness to leave the past behind.

Decluttering: A willingness to leave the past behind.


2 thoughts on “Declutter, simplify, face reality…

  1. I like this concept and have used it a lot. Recently, I went thru another declutter session( I’m up to 850 things) but one of these were very old books ( over 100 years) that were my MIL’s ( passed away years ago). She never liked me or actually her son ( my husband). I kept these books out of guilt ( maybe they were valuable, or my kids would want them). I had the realization, that I didn’t want the association and took them all to the ASPCA bookstore.
    It felt great. So, it’s on an ongoing journey.


    • I know where you’re coming from! I was gifted a lot of jewelry and bone china, as I’m the only female family member of my generation – I come from a family of men! It was all weighing me down, and I carried it from city to city and home to home, never wearing or using any of it, but holding onto it mainly out of guilt.

      There comes a time when you just have to let go. It is a journey. Perhaps this part of the journey is the part where we become independent of what other would like us to be!


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