Create a capsule wardrobe…in under five minutes

480 words. 4 minutes to read.

Your Capsule Wardrobe is the clothes you love and wear every day. It’s that 20% of your wardrobe that you wear over and over again, while the 80% that is the rest of your clothes sit hanging, unworn.

Here’s how to create your Capsule Wardrobe with a total of less than five minutes of work.

I believe that this is the easiest, fastest way to create a Capsule Wwardrobe – and you don’t have to spend any money on new clothing, because it draws your Capsule from the items you already have!

You’ll have your Capsule Wardrobe with virtually no effort within two weeks, and you’ll have a chance to revisit and add to the Capsule over further weeks, if you choose to.

Creating your Capsule Wardrobe

Step 1: Take ALL your clothes off their hangers and out of your drawers and rest them neatly on the floor of your wardrobe or, ideally, in a pile in the corner of your room. This includes shoes, jackets and handbags.

Step 2: Every day for the next two weeks, choose whatever clothes you want from the pile. When they are returned to your room, hang them up in your wardrobe, or return them to your drawers.

By the end of 14 days, the clothes that comprises your Capsule Wardrobe will be hanging neatly in your wardrobe and sitting in your drawers.

Voila! You have a Capsule Wardrobe! 🙂

And the rest…

Any items still sitting on your floor that you don’t wish to keep at this point can be sold, or given to friends or charity.

Items you are unsure about – the remainder, that is – should be boxed up and dated for two months in the future. Mark that date on your calendar. Put the box on a high shelf or out in your garage. Don’t look at it for two months.

If you need an item from the boxed clothes (which may happen!), ask a partner or friend to get that item for you, so you’re not tempted to go through items you don’t need.

Two months later…update and declutter

Two months later, unbox your clothes and, without trying them on, discard everything that you don’t immediately feel the urge to wear. This will be most of it.

If there are any items you’re uncertain about, just re-box them and date the box for another two months in the future, when you can go through it again. You’ll gradually declutter the items in the box.

How many items should be in my Capsule Wardrobe?

Most Capsule Wardrobes sit at between 20 and 40 items of clothing, not including underwear or nightwear. It’s up to you to find a number that you’re comfortable with.

The Project 333, which I follow, suggests 33 items or less, and Un-fancy suggests 37. Most people find that 30 items is plenty, once they get the hang of dressing with less.


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